• 1/19

    1、Open the website ,and click the “Register” at the top-right corner. You can start your registration.

  • 2/19

    2、According to the required procedures, pleases use your E-mail to register.

  • 3/19

    3、After the registration, you can log in your E-mail to verify and activate the E-mail, in order to receive the reminder mails later.

  • 4/19

    4、After you log in the system, click the “START APPLYING” then you can turn into Program Applying.

  • 5/19

    5、If you want the Chinese-English shift, please click the top-right corner.

  • 6/19

    6、After you choose the major and click the “START APPLYING”, the page will turn into “Self-support and Scholarship” page. Please select the type of method of paying tuition fee and click “Start”.

  • 7/19

    7、Fill the Application From (items with “*” is necessarily), and click “Next”.

  • 8/19

    8、Please upload the materials (items with “*” is necessarily), and click “Next”.

  • 9/19

    9、Then you will enter the “Payment confirmation” page, click “Next” and make payment.

  • 10/19

    10、Upload your receipt and click the “Upload Receipt” in the “Pay Application Fee”page, and fill in the Remittance Remark.

  • 11/19

    11、Fill up the payment information and click the “Submit”, “Payment Confirmed” will show up.

  • 12/19

    12、Once you pay success, please click “Submit” to submit your application. And wait for review.

  • 13/19

    13、When you submit succeed, you can go back to “My Application” to apply for scholarship. (Only for students whose major have scholarship)

  • 14/19

    14、Click “Start Applying”, you can enter the procedure of applying for scholarship.

  • 15/19

    15、Fill the Scholarship Application From (items with “*” is necessarily), and click “Next”.

  • 16/19

    16、Please upload the materials (items with “*” is necessarily), and click “Next”.

  • 17/19

    17、Finish fill out all the information, and click “Next”.

  • 18/19

    18、End of scholarship application, wait for review.

  • 19/19

    19、Click “My Application” at top-right corner; you can check your major and scholarship application status.